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This is Esmeralda Serviced Department. This is exactly a same format as our newsletter. If you have any opinion, let me know. 

Our new product is ceramics. From Japan, and also from France. Aya is a

ceramic artist who creates cups, plates, and vases as objects. I met her in Paris 4 years ago, at the backstage of a fashion show.

1 のコピー.jpg

Aya Courvoisier "Kirie" Vase ¥30,800


Aya Courvoisier "Perle Rim" Plate ¥16,500

2023_01_31_5752 のコピー.jpg

Aya Courvoisier "Coupe" Bowl ¥18,700

Azur is also from France.

You can see them dyeing the fabrics (silk) and pleating each piece. It’s almost

spring and summer. You will miss this smooth touch.

As you may already know, we only deal with highly skilled craftspeople. Subsequently, we will stock more products like knits, shirts, and accessories.

Talk to you soon.

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